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These are the kitchen tools that will make your life easier. You don't need much else to impress as a master chef.

Ultimate Egg Cracker

Cracking eggs has never been easier than with this smart kitchen tool. And now you will not get pieces of the eggshell into your bowl or frying pan.

Sushi Maker "Bazooka"

Making sushi has never been easier than with the Sushi Maker "Bazooka".

French Fries Cutter

This simple and smart kitchen tool makes it extremely easy for you to create your own homemade french fries.

"Spiralizer" Vegetable Cutter

The perfect device for cutting vegetables like cucumbers and carrots in a creative way. Absolutely brilliant for food decorations.

Meatball Clip

It's so easy to make meatballs, fish balls, and potato balls with this genius gadget. You can also use it for ice cream.

60 Second Salad Cutter Bowl

This awesome salad cutter bowl will allow your to chop the ingredients all at once. It will only take you 60 seconds to make your salad.

Flour-Mixing Bag

A smart kitchen bag for kneading dough, holding fruit and vegetable juices. It can be also used as preservation bags, for storing food.

Herb Scissors

This amazing kitchen tool will save you from bruising delicate herbs with a knife. It will quickly cut up herbs and spices. In the package you will find one scissors and one comb.

"Cut The Egg" Scissors

Can you believe this? A creative knife for cutting and opening.. eggs!

Rolling Knife

This is something you just have to try! The rolling knife is incredibly effective.

Egg Bowl Whisks Screen Cover

A must-have awesome kitchen tool for everyone who loves home baking.

"Floating" Egg Poacher

A super handy tool to have in the kitchen. These egg poachers are made of food grade silicon rubber.

"Easy Fix" 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

The perfect tool for all the avocado fans in this world.

"Fold Me" Chopping board

Wow! You really need to take a closer look at this one. You really will not be able to understand how you have lived without this genius foldable chopping board until now.

Vegetable & Fruit Brush

The vegetable and fruit brush you didn't know you can't live without.

Corn Stripper

A smart and super useful kitchen tool for peeling corn. Easy, quickly and no more mess.

Multi-Vegetable Slicer

Do you want a vegetable slicer that can handle lots of different fruits and vegetables? This is the one you have been looking for then.

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